The Music Video Phenomenon: Did Video Kill the Radio Star?

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We’ve all seen them. We’ve all heard them. The question is: did we see or hear them first? Much like the chicken and the egg or the phoenix and the flame, this riddle is one that is not so easily solved. Historically, the music video did not emerge until the 1920s and gained prominence in […]

Choose Life. Choose Continuity. Choose Flashbacks. Choose Editing.

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(Contains Spoilers)
Danny Boyle is no stranger to telling wild, energetic and sometimes bizarre stories through film. He achieves this style by experimenting with unusual camera angles, combining various genres and accompanying scenes with chart-topping soundtracks. Another essential element that makes his body of work striking and compelling to watch are its editing techniques, which is […]

Learning to Look: Visual Art in the 21st Century

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‘What is that even supposed to be?’ mutters a little boy as he surveys the work with youthful scepticism. It’s a typical British Tuesday morning and I am standing in the Artist Rooms at Tate Modern surrounded by a gaggle of school boys. I cannot help but smile at their mixture of enthusiasm, wonder and […]

Can Film Bring a Divided World Together?

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Artistic expression has the power to take the world and its people into an era of progressive thought and action, but have recent changes put a damper on those efforts, or just fuelled the fire even more?

There has been a lot in the news lately. We are in an era of change. Change is good […]

Virtual reality and 360° films, help or hindrance?

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Technical advancement in film technology never seems to cease, the newest advancement being accepted by festivals is virtual reality (VR) and 360° films. From the perspective of a filmmaker does this new technology allow one to expand on the world of the film, to allow the audience to truly experience the film as the characters. […]