19 12, 2020

Coops-Crimes Against Creation: Visual Ecopoetry

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Cheung (2020) on Poetry Fondation.org defines ecopoetry as ‘emphasis on drawing connections between human activity—specifically the making of poems—and the environment that produces it, ecopoetics rose out of the late 20th-century awareness of ecology and concerns over environmental disaster’. Though the prefix ‘-eco’ makes ecopoetry’s link to the environment clear, Morse (2012) claims ecopoetry [...]

23 09, 2017

Mainstream Resistance

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At the beginning of last year, Beyoncé’s performance of Formation at Super bowl 50 shocked the 111 million strong audience, exploding the preoccupations of the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement and a newly politicised generation into the mainstream. Surrounded by black women wearing the trademark leather jackets and berets of the Black Panther [...]

10 09, 2017

Fincher and Jonze: From Music Videos to Feature Films

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Since the launch of MTV in 1981, music videos have become extremely popular to mainstream audiences. Even though its main purpose is to promote an artist and their music, music videos have also helped launch the careers of up-and-coming filmmakers, who have turned these promotional clips into innovative and experimental short films. Over the [...]

24 06, 2017

The Music Video Phenomenon: Did Video Kill the Radio Star?

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We’ve all seen them. We’ve all heard them. The question is: did we see or hear them first? Much like the chicken and the egg or the phoenix and the flame, this riddle is one that is not so easily solved. Historically, the music video did not emerge until the 1920s and gained prominence [...]

17 03, 2017

The Return of the Music Video

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In case you haven’t noticed, the music video has made a spectacular return to prominence over the last few years. The rejuvenation of the music video can be attributed in large part to the advent of the visual album and partly (perhaps consequently) due to the arrival of new chart rules. Creating cinematic [...]