30 05, 2018

Editing, Rhythm and Emotion: How Film and Video Editing Works

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In his book The Art of the Cut, Greg Keast provides a very useful definition of what editing ideally strives to achieve under the heading ‘Breaking the Action’: ‘A large part of editing is taking whole actions or scenes, breaking them into parts, and recombining them in a way that makes the story work [...]

20 11, 2017

Looking at the fine line between the art and practicality of film editing

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An action, act, or scene must somehow transition. This is where an array of specific cuts can call into play. More than taking the bulk of footage and splicing it apart and composing it together; editing is diverse. The editor’s assembly line can manipulate time, space and visuals. An editor has the ability [...]

7 06, 2017

Choose Life. Choose Continuity. Choose Flashbacks. Choose Editing.

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(Contains Spoilers) Danny Boyle is no stranger to telling wild, energetic and sometimes bizarre stories through film. He achieves this style by experimenting with unusual camera angles, combining various genres and accompanying scenes with chart-topping soundtracks. Another essential element that makes his body of work striking and compelling to watch are its editing [...]