From £2,000 we produce a performance music video in London or around UK. We work with single artists or bands. We are able to present a number of locations and look after the entire music video production from the shooting script to the final cut. This price is for music videos based on a performance without storyline.

Locations may include famous London landmarks and urban areas. If you’re a band we won’t probably be able to film in central London due to film permit restrictions, but we’ll be able to film in natural open spaces such as parks, forests, riverside, seaside. The budget for film permits, VFX, actors, dancers and make-up artist is extra. Drone filming is also extra.

Our music videos based on performance are tailored on a musician-by-musician basis. The shoot typically lasts one day in order to capture a variety of creative shots. The post-production lasts less than a week depending on the length of the track and it includes editing and color grading.

We capture your talent in a fresh music video shoot.