Promoting a video requires a lot of work and dedication before seeing a return in views and popularity. Your video must stand out from the ‘videocrowd’. Becoming popular may not be an easy process, but you can get the exposure you deserve following these simple steps:

1. Be fast and effective

Do not upload your video today and promote it tomorrow. That’s a common mistake among video makers. The promotion must be done before and right after publishing the video. Speed is what makes your video go viral. This means you will have to release and advertise the video on social media, blogs and entertainment websites on the same day, within a few hours. Remember: the faster the better!

2. Build a buzz around your video

All your followers and fans exist to help you spread the news. Building buzz around your video makes the official release more exciting. As soon as the video is published tell them to share with the whole world.

3. Ask for a review or article

Contact websites and blogs that may be interested in your video content. Drop them a personalized email letting them know how unique your video is. They might include it on their website and write a review or even an article.

4. Learn how to use Reddit

Reddit is a powerful tool for your video. It’s a social news networking service and entertainment website. Create a profile on Reddit and share your video link with its large community of users. Engage users with short but intriguing headlines.

5. Join popular Facebook groups.

There are many groups on Facebook about music, film, books, advertising, art and comedy. Find specific Facebook groups that are relevant to your content. First join the groups and then post your video engaging the group members.

6. Use different video-sharing websites

YouTube is the global video-sharing website, however it’s not the only one that can make your video stand out.

Dailymotion is the largest video-sharing alternative to YouTube. Videos in Dailymotion must be less than 60 minutes, while YouTube allows unlimited time.

Facebook is taking over, becoming one of the most popular destinations for video. You can also upload videos up to 45 minutes on Facebook.

Instagram is the fastest growing social media. If your video is longer than one minute, create a short version for Instagram, from 15 seconds to 60 seconds.

Vimeo is the video-sharing website for film industry professionals and emerging creatives such as independent filmmakers, animators and art directors. In a few words, Vimeo is the serious alternative to YouTube. There are no limits on the duration of videos you can upload to Vimeo.

There are many steps we believe you should follow during a video production, these are just our top 6. Did we miss something you consider more important? Leave a comment below or if you are looking for a video production company, feel free to reach out to ARTtouchesART and find out about our services.