Whilst we live in an age where we’re bombarded with content, promotional videos still have the power to drive sales and brand loyalty.

By using exciting combinations of text, images and sound, a good promo video can communicate with audiences in a way that no other medium can.

Whether you’re a music, fashion, travel, ecommerce, service or event business, you can use promotional videos to benefit your brand in endless ways.

It’s no surprise Wyzowl’s most recent annual State of Video Marketing Survey found video content is a key priority for contemporary businesses.

With audiences consuming around 17 hours of video content a week, Wyzowl’s findings that video marketing has the capacity to increase ‘traffic, leads, sales and audience understanding’ means it should be a priority for every modern business.

In fact, Wyzowl reports that a whopping 92% of marketers say they get a good ROI from video content.

These findings are repeated across the digital marketing industry, year after year, with heavyweights such as HubSpot and Sprout Social consistently reporting that video marketing is one of the most popular and fast-growing ways audiences like to view content online.

Why so popular and effective?

Exhilarating Conversations With Audiences Worldwide

These short, creative promo films speak to our hunger for instant entertainment and fresh information.

Forbes cites a study by Forrester Research for example, which found the mere presence of video content in marketing emails could triple the click through rate.

Similarly, Search Engine Journal highlights another study which found an 80% increase in landing page conversions when video content was included.

Vidyard-Aberdeen discovered something similar when they noticed the revenues of online stores grew 49% faster if video content was incorporated into its web pages.

And we know search engines favour video content too, ranking videos higher because they keep visitors on a page for longer.

It’s the power to engage and entertain whilst giving audiences interesting information about your brand and products that makes promotional video so effective.

By communicating with audiences worldwide in innovative ways, promo videos help you build a deeper connection with your target market whilst ensuring audiences gain a better understanding of your products and brand.

Together, this powerful, fulfilling and exciting experience makes your brand and products more memorable and meaningful to your target audience.

elevate your brand with promotional video

Brand Loyalty That Lasts

When promotional films are done right, they can transform our relationship with a brand forever. One amazing promo vid could find a place in your target market’s heart and mind that lives on for years to come.

This is how we build brand loyalty. It’s the reason why we’ll pay more for an Apple phone or a Chanel bag. It’s the reason why we’ll queue for new launches and attempt to buy tickets within the first second of their release.

Here at ARTtouchesART, we know what your investment in our promotional video production services should mean for your brand’s growth and we’re committed to ensuring that happens.

Whether you need a music promo video, event promo film, travel promotional video – whatever your business – we’ll make sure you end up with a slick, exciting and compelling film that leaves a lasting impact.

Our end-to-end video production services mean we work closely with you at every stage of the process. Together, we’ll ensure your finished promo film is an unforgettable marketing tool which truly captures your brand and products.

Discover more about our promotional video production services.

Endless Business Use

And there are so many ways you can use promotional videos to grow your business. Each one provides an opportunity to share a new aspect of your brand through a captivating conversation that resonates with every sense.

Some of the most popular types of promo films include:

  • How-Tos
  • Brand Introductions
  • Testimonials
  • Product Releases
  • Explainers
  • Live Action Films

Each type of promotional video is designed to fuel curiosity on every level.

The combination of interest, desire and connection will compel audiences to buy from you again and again, giving you the returning customers you need and audiences the meaning and thrills they seek.

Let’s take a quick deep dive into what these benefits mean for your business growth.

Elevate: Why Promotional Video Will Transform Your Brand

1. More Conversions: Video content is extremely versatile. Once you’ve had a high-quality promo film created, it can be used for lots of different purposes.

Whether you include them in email marketing, social media marketing, landing page content or webinars, the best promotional videos provide you with cost-effective content that can be re-purposed in many ways.

Knowing you can secure a high ROI in each of the different places you use your video means you can look forward to better conversion rates from more marketing.

2. Greater Brand Awareness: You already know global audiences love to consume video content, so providing your promotional video is well-made, you can be sure it will attract the attention of your target audience worldwide and compel them to take action.

With stats from Social Shepherd for example, reminding us that video content has a global reach of 92.3%, it’s easy to see how promotional videos can take your business to more potential customers around the globe.

And those audiences may even help you spread the word.

Videos are some of the most frequently shared content around – get yours right and your audience could share your content with their network for free.

3. Stronger Branding: With the right promotional video production company on board you’ll be able to unlock the full range of creativity you need for a unique film that fully communicates who you are as a brand.

With the possibilities for your promo vid endless, it’s easy to create a unique, exciting and memorable film that feels fresh and authentic to your brand.

From striking brand colours to innovative ideas and music that conjures certain memories, at every stage of the process, a good promo video production company will help you ensure your finished film is a true representation of your brand values, story and identity.

4. Command Attention: From a slick finish to a concept that gives your brand new meaning, your promo video should put your business at the forefront of your audience’s memory.

When they’re ready to buy, your brand should be the first one that comes to mind.

Let’s make sure that happens. Get in touch with your initial ideas today and we’ll help you create a stunning promotional video that drives sales.