15 04, 2021

Gillian Wearing, Marlene Dumas and Relational Art in the 1990s

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Nowadays contemporary art works are often created through in-depth processes of appropriating found imagery. In which, style plays a significant role in developing a narrative centered around different methods of communication and interactions between people and their environments. Nicolas Bourriaud in his 1998 book Esthétique relationnelle sets forth that relational art involves taking the [...]

6 02, 2021

The Master of Pure Cinema: Going Back to the Films of Alfred Hitchcock

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Recently I asked a young friend of mine what new films she had been watching during the strange and alienating Plague Year 2020. In a way I was both surprised and not surprised at all with her answer. “I haven’t seen many new movies. Little of what’s done today is of any interest to [...]

20 01, 2021

Minari and the Rising Legacy of Hollywood’s RenAsiassance

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Until very recently, Hollywood’s Asian characters were pretty much limited to the odd doctor here or there, the ‘dragon lady’ love interest, beggars on the streets of South Asia, or, let’s not forget the holy grail: the ‘New York taxi driver with the most overly-exaggerated Indian accent you’ll ever hear’. But that slowly started [...]

22 12, 2020

Direct Action: Christmas Content for an Isolated Audience

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I lie there, in my 3 day old pyjamas and cup of long forgotten cold tea as an unrelenting barrage of recycled tv of the last 20 years mixes with poorly directed seasonal films starring the same fish-out-of-water-twentyish-starry-eyed girl assault my senses and drive me towards an inevitable break in my sanity. In [...]