Film synopsis:

A young man wakes up to a disturbing discovery and pushes his left arm away from his body. He is disoriented and gets sick in the bathroom. He goes back to his bedroom with a baseball bat and searches the room until he finds a voice message on his phone. In the message, he explains to himself he’s experiencing memory loss because of a brain injury sustained in a car accident. He goes on telling himself he was recently discharged from hospital and he’s unable to perceive the left side of his body.

At this point, the young man is at his computer reading a neuropsychological condition called hemispatial neglect. He finds out about another patient who fell out of bed after pushing out what he perceived to be the severed leg of a cadaver.

After struggling with acceptance and shaving only the left side of his face, he breaks down in the bathtub.

A year later, we see the young man in front of Tower Bridge in London. He runs a long way until he reaches the top of a hill where he stops running. He looks at the sunset, a seagull flies over the sky and he starts running again.

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Director, screenwriter: Paolo Benetazzo
Cinematographer: Paolo Benetazzo
Editor: Paolo Benetazzo
Starring: Paolo Benetazzo
Music: Various Artists
Film genre: Drama/Thriller
Running time: 09:04 minutes
Country: UK
Year: 2020