It’s the buzz behind the lens that will help you find the best corporate video production company for your business in London.

Whilst most recognisable by their lenses, tripods and cameras, the greatest filmmakers are exciting storytellers.

When choosing a film production company, you’re looking for a creative who can dream up uncommon ways to take your brand stories to audiences around the world. This is what we enjoy so much about video as a form of communication – it has no boundaries.

Connection & Impact

John Lewis is the most straight-laced shop on the high street yet the biggest buzz in the run-up to Christmas is about the innovate methods their corporate production company use to share festive brand messages.

It’s what makes film so memorable. Depending on when you were born, the shimmering bright lights of the red Coca Cola truck will always remind you of Christmas.

Wasn’t that a brilliant device to link the festive scarlet red of Santa and Christmas with a red Coca Cola can so the brand became part of our Christmas legend?

These are the types of emotive stories we want filmmakers to tell to boost the visibility of our brands.

It’s this place in our lives, this connection to something inside that we go to our filmmakers for. It’s the reason why TikTok has exploded and video is the fastest-growing medium.

Why Corporate Films Matter

Video has the power to resonate with every sense. Remember M&S’ game-changing food porn campaigns that left us salivating at dripping, oozing food which was so sensory we could almost taste it through the television.

Research carried out by UCL’s Department of Experimental Psychology in partnership with Vue found films that evoke positive emotions have the power to positively affect our brain functions, social connections, productivity and creativity.

Meanwhile a Russian study by Behav Sci in 2020 found teenagers’ opinions, beliefs and attitudes could be affected by watching a film.

When you consider that according to Statista, 36% of TikTok’s 656 million global users are 18-24 years of age, it’s easy to see the long-term gains which can be won with high-quality branded content on TikTok.

End To End Services. A complete collection of services is another element to check. Does the company offer a full range of corporate video production services to help you plan, film and finish your video? Using a single company to create and finish your film when ensure you end up with a high-quality video with a consistent quality and concept.

An Understanding Of Your Target Audience

For us, it’s always a team effort.

When we’re working with businesses from the financial industries we work with the most, the fact that we’re a London video production company working for London businesses makes a huge difference.

Not only do we get their target audience we also understand a lot of the priorities a London business will have about how they want their stories to be told.

Things like diversity, cool innovation, trends that have impact, these are the things that will make or break your corporate videos. See our services.

What else should you look for?

Here’s some more top tips to help you choose the best corporate video production company for your business films.

find corporate video production company london

How To Find A Corporate Video Production Company

1. Business Website: A video company’s business website is a quick and easy way to check their experience, reputation and portfolio.

Any professional corporate video production company will have a good website with information about their services, previous work and experience clearly displayed.

There should be plenty of testimonials and you should be able to get a sense of some of their signature styles.

Although a good filmmaker will be able to work in a range of ways using different techniques, every company has its own unique skillset to offer.

Look out for industry experience. Established video production companies tend to focus on some sectors more than others. We’re primarily a financial services video production company but we still work with businesses from other sectors.

2. Social Media: Don’t stop there. Head to the company’s social media accounts and get a feel of some of the passions and people that are behind the brand.

You should also have a chance to see some of the most recent videos the company has made. You may also be able to view current projects and attendance at industry events which will help to give you a sense of the business.

This chance to see another side of a brand makes social media an interesting way to carry out research in the early stages.

Social media can often put different types of businesses on a more level playing field so you may stumble upon options you wouldn’t find through an online search.

Don’t forget to use your network, if you ask friends and family to ask around, you’ll be surprised at how many responses you get.

Business films are used widely across the workplace so lots of people will come across a good filmmaker during their career.

A recommendation from someone you trust can be a great way of vetting a company because they’ve already been tried and tested.

3. Costs: Corporate film budgets vary widely so don’t be afraid to discuss your budget from the beginning. Knowing how much they’ll have to work with means your filmmaker won’t waste time presenting ideas for concepts that will be too expensive.

Corporate video production costs can be anything between £2,000 and £10,000 or more. However if you want a short promo film, you could find your spend sits just below the lower end of the scale.

When considering how much you want to spend, it’s helpful to think about whether you’ll need to:

  • add music and sound effects,
  • use voiceovers or animations,
  • employ professional actors or film in different locations,
  • hire in a makeup artist and lots of props,
  • use a range of specialist equipment or a large crew.

All these elements and more can increase the cost of your corporate film.

4. Understanding Your Brand: As you delve deeper and begin to discuss the project with production companies who interest you, listen carefully to what they’re saying.

The right video production company should pick up on your priorities quickly. After listening to your initial spec, a company that’s the right fit should be making initial suggestions that are in line with your brand and enrich your initial thinking.

Ask the company about their processes, how they’ll communicate with you, their options for the production and finishing stages and how you’ll participate in the project.

You want to choose an experienced filmmaking company you can trust to turn your ideas into something spectacular. You need your corporate video to have impact but it must also drive traffic, enhance your brand and build engagement.

A professional with a breadth of understanding about the outcomes a corporate film should achieve will be able to ensure your film is an investment piece which delivers the solid return you need.

Talk to us about your initial ideas today and we’ll help you tell a stunning brand story which meets all your needs.