5 04, 2022

The Biggest Lie in the World…

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…is that Julie is The Worst Person in the World. In this relationship comedy-drama for a new age, there’s one glaring truth: there’s actually a little bit of Julie in all of us. The ‘temp’ gig you take whilst waiting for the ‘right’ thing to come along – which over time becomes a permanent [...]

9 01, 2022

Good Grief: the beguiling beauty of Petite Maman

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Ah, grief. A thing that plagues us all in one way or another, and incidentally, is a hot topic for many of today’s filmmakers. Some of the best cinematic performances we’ve been blessed with in recent years have been centered around it, especially in the horror genre – from Toni “I am your mother!” [...]

19 06, 2021

Wrap Your Troubles in Dreams: Review of Rifkin’s Festival

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Finally, I managed to see the latest Woody Allen film. It’s not available for streaming, wasn’t released in the UK, and I didn’t want to watch it on a DVD. Apparently, in today’s Dark Age of plague and politically correct puritans, one has to go to a cinema in Eastern Europe in order to [...]